Go, Speed Crocheter, Go!

What do you do when:

  1. You have a high energy toddler?
  2. You have to sit in the floor near the toddler to keep them alive and whole?
  3. You are so desperate to craft you can almost taste the yarn?

I am normally a knitter.  Don’t judge, but it usually years between crochet projects, and usually those are more utilitarian items for the kitchen or bath.  Like I said, don’t judge.

But knitting is hard when you have to stop every 2 – 3 stitches to save your death-defying toddler.  I am notorious from dropping stitches if I stop mid-row, but also notorious for getting frustrated by an insistent child who won’t let me finish said row.

So, I finally worked out in my sleep-deprived mommy brain that crochet is a stitch-at-a-time craft.  Even a treble crochet (double treble for you lovely British folks) can be done quickly and laid down.  Your hook comes out and it starts to unravel?  Oooooh, you lost one stitch.  Big deal.  Easy fix.  The whole thing didn’t disintegrate before your eyes.

So, after deciding to pick up crochet again, I realized I had limited hooks as my roll of hooks is AWOL and somewhere in the craft closet.  I even tried looking.  Until I get to said closet in my decluttering, they may never be found.

Also, I needed it to be fairly cheap yarn, since we are still on a budget.  Big hook?  Cheap yarn?

Crochet an Afghan!!!

And so, I decided to start The Crochet Crowd’s Mystery CAL . . . about 10 weeks late.  These little fingers have been crocheting at a blinding rate.


Because there is a random drawing for yarn to those who submit a photo by next Thurs, May 14.  FREE YARN!!!  Those magic words makes any crafter weak in the knees.

For those not familiar with mystery a-long, the concept is a bit neat.  Once a week, or whatever timeframe the leader selected, you receive a “clue”.  This gives you the directions for the next bit of the project.  I’ve seen amazing lace shawls, where each section of lace patterning gets emailed out separate.  For this afghan, each step resulted in some new stitch or concept to learn.  The fun part is that you aren’t quite sure how it will look at the end.  The finished project is a mystery!

At the moment, I am halfway through clue #9 of 10.  That’s right, I went through 9 weeks of crocheting in less than 4.

Go, speed crocheter, go!

speed racer with crochet hook

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